Our Schools

The Cape Coral Charter Schools are unique PreK-12 schools created to serve students of the city in small school environments with wonderful opportunities for achievement. Beginning with the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program at Christa McAuliffe, and ending at the new Oasis High School, our system provides a seamless opportunity for children to progress and grow during all of their pre-college years. Once you make the choice to attend our schools, you are guaranteed a seat in each successive year.

The heart of a school system is the staff, and we pride ourselves on having the best certified educators for your children, many of whom have advanced degrees. Our academic program features the Core Knowledge and Cambridge curricula, and we have received high grades on state tests.

The other part of education is character development, and our students take part in many opportunities to serve the community and their school. Through clubs and organizations, they recycle, send food and clothing to needy organizations for distribution, send books for schools in other nations, raise items for animal shelters, and volunteer hours in many other ways to help people.

Parents find that involvement is a joy at our schools, and they easily meet the hours that are requested as part of our enrollment. On any day we have parents helping at lunch or in the media centers for book fairs, working on P.T.O. projects to help our schools with funds, or working with children in learning groups or one-to-one in the classrooms.

Please browse through each school's website, and I think you'll agree that we have something special as a system!  For a closer look, you are invited to call the schools to arrange a personal tour. We know that you will feel the excitement in our hallways and classrooms! 

Oasis Elementary School

Oasis Elementary School was established as a municipal charter for the children of Cape Coral. It opened in August, 2005 as the City's first charter school.

Oasis offers parents a positive alternative to school choice. We have a private school setting at a public school price. Oasis is a quality school built on the Core Knowledge curriculum. Core Knowledge is a rigorous and challenging curriculum aligned to state standards covering all Core subjects, reading, math, English, social studies, science, and the arts. This curriculum, based on research by E.D. Hirsch, gives students a systematic learning progression for grades K-8.

Parents are encouraged to be an active participant in their child's education. A 30 hour volunteer requirement, PTO and our School Advisory Committee are but a few ways parents can be involved. This year, we have offered Open House, Curriculum Night, and Parent-Teacher Conferences. 92% of our parents attended Open House and 96% attended Parent-Teacher Conferences, a tribute to our parents' commitment to quality education.

Oasis offers children an opportunity to receive a quality education in their community school. Our small class size, quality teachers, and challenging curriculum all go together to create a great learning opportunity for our students.

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Oasis Middle School

Welcome to Oasis Middle School - home of the Mighty Iguana!!! Oasis Middle School was founded in 2005 and is part of The Cape Coral Charter School Authority. The Authority is comprised of 4 schools, Oasis Elementary, Oasis Middle School, Christa McAulliffe Elementary, and Oasis High School. Currently Oasis Middle School serves 700+ students. System wide our total enrollment is approximately 2800 students.

At Oasis Middle School students experience a rich Core Knowledge Curriculum based upon Dr. E.D. Hirsch's exhaustive research on child development. Students also may experience two foreign languages, art, technology, choir drama, physical education, choir, general music, and health.  Oasis Middle School also offers a host of afterschool clubs including Builders Club, Student Council, SING club, drama, TV Production, Art Club, cooking club, and many others.  Students may also participate in competitive athletics after school.  We offer soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, and cross-country.  Rest assured that students attending Oasis Middle School are receiving a tremendous education.

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Oasis High School

Oasis High School is part of the City of Cape Coral Charter School System. The school officially opened this beautiful state-of-the-art facility in August of 2009. Oasis offers an outstanding opportunity for any high school student residing in Cape Coral. Our small size, experienced teachers, community support, family involvement and rich programming make Oasis High School a great choice. OHS offers two distinct major areas of interest, AICE and the Business and Entrepreneurial Academy.

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Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

Christa McAuliffe Elementary opened in August, 2006, and is built for 600 students grades K-5. We have added four portable classrooms and are fully integrated with all of our technology and communication. The facility is secure all day, with the office door being the only point of entry for the public. First class security cameras operate 24/7 in our halls and outside the structures. Clearance for the public and parents is done through a KeepNTrack kiosk at the front desk, and name badges for admittance are printed there. All employees and parent volunteers are fully background checked. The neighboring Jim Jeffers Park next door is a wonderful resource that we use for P.E. classes and Friday afternoon special recess.

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